Goodwill Workforce Development

Recognizing that the best way to prepare someone for a self-sufficient lifestyle is to provide real-world work experience, Youngstown Area Goodwill Programs provides job training through its contributed goods processing, contracts services division, commercial laundry, and other departments, as well as employment and training programs.


Job Training

Contract Service: Goodwill offers a variety of high quality sub-contracting services to businesses and industries, providing real-world work experience for clients.

Off-Site Contracts: Operating several maintenance crews composed of approximately 45 employees, Goodwill provides a full range of custodial services for state, military, and private business contracts.

Commercial Laundry: The full-service commercial laundry operation, which is housed at the main complex facility, provides services for area organizations and businesses.

Retail Sales Training: Our retail program provides training and experience in customer service, stock management, merchandising, and cash register operation.

Contributed Goods: Goodwill conducts collections and processing/recycling operations, providing job training and employment while maintaining inventory levels in eight retail outlets.

Janitorial/Maintenance Training: Provides training in cleaning methods, minor maintenance, painting, minor woodwork, and outdoor maintenance.

Employment & Training Goodwill Programs Our professional staff trains productive and highly motivated workers. After completing Goodwill’s programs, further training may take place in community-based vocational settings. Ultimately, competitive employment in the community is the goal. Youngstown Area Goodwill Industries offers a variety of programs in pursuit of this goal, including:

• Vocational Evaluation/Assessment • Social Services • Job Readiness • Work Adjustment • Job Development and Job Placement • Work Experience • Job Coaching • Sheltered Employment