Youngstown Area Goodwill Industries History

About Youngstown Area Goodwill Industries

Youngstown Area Goodwill Industries has been serving Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania for more than 125 years and successfully serves thousands of people each year. The nonprofit’s mission programs strive to expand employment and training opportunities for individuals in the community, including those with disabilities or other barriers. Sales through the organization’s nine retail stores directly support its mission and help to divert millions of pounds of goods from area landfills.

Additionally, Goodwill’s Business Services Division creates additional employment opportunities and provides a variety of quality services to area businesses and organizations, including janitorial, commercial laundry, lawn care and custom contracts.

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The Goodwill Organization

Originally established in 1893 as the Christ Mission Settlement, Youngstown Area Goodwill Industries has maintained continuous service to the community for more than 100 years. Chartered as a 501(c)(3) agency, the organization currently provides and develops services to its clientele in three counties in Ohio and two in Pennsylvania. Governed by a 24-member volunteer Board of Trustees, it is an autonomous member of a network including 200 North American members and more than 30 international associate members. Youngstown Area Goodwill Industries is a member of a number of professional and business associations at the national, state, regional, and local levels, and is CARF accredited.

Oveaboutrview & History of Services to the Community

More than 125 years of service to the community!

Youngstown Area Goodwill Industries began service to the community in 1893 as the Christ Mission Settlement on East Federal Street in downtown Youngstown. The Settlement was established in response to the specific needs of the population. Over the years, the specific programs and services offered by the organization have evolved as the needs of the community have changed, but the essence has remained the same.

Initially, a growing number of immigrants to the Youngstown area took advantage of a variety of organized programs, such as English language classes and housing. A public laundry was available for Settlement residents, children were educated and cared for, social activities were organized, residents were assisted in finding jobs, and some training was offered. Christ Mission served as the bridge by which these immigrants, mostly from Europe, assimilated into the community.

In addition to the tradition of community service, the present-day Goodwill Stores find their roots in the early activities of the Settlement as well. Established at the turn of the century as “Opportunity Stores,” these retail outlets were a perfect way to meet a variety of needs in one simple concept. Youngstown residents who could afford to do so donated clothing, furniture, and household items to Christ Mission. These goods were then offered for sale at greatly reduced prices, primarily for the benefit of those who could not afford new merchandise. The revenue generated in this fashion was used to fund the activities of the Settlement, and the stores provided employment and training. This basic concept has remained unchanged over the years, and continues to serve both the community and the organization well.

Just after the turn of the century, a series of epidemics resulted in a greater focus on children. In 1918, a deadly flu epidemic left many Youngstown children orphaned, and Christ Mission stepped in to care for them and to find them new homes. In the mid-1920’s, tuberculosis took its toll on the young. Again, Christ Mission rallied to meet the challenge. Children received treatments, were well cared for, and were carefully monitored.

It was during this period that the Settlement’s administrator, Rev. Hagstrom, met Dr. Helms, founder of Goodwill Industries and the Goodwill Rehabilitation Program for the Handicapped. The year 1925 saw the inception of Christ Mission Goodwill Industries, which was affiliated with the Settlement, but with independent operations and finances. By 1959, Goodwill Industries had evolved into a full-service Vocational Rehabilitation Center. The original Settlement activities had been serving a diminishing need in the community and were discontinued at that time. In 1975, the name was changed from Christ Mission Goodwill Rehabilitation Center to Youngstown Area Goodwill Industries, Inc.

Today, Goodwill serves the community by providing extensive training and employment opportunities through comprehensive programs and services.

Youngstown Area Goodwill Industries, Inc. Timeline







































Christ Mission Settlement founded by W.J. Price at 408 E. Federal St.

Christ Mission Kindergarten chartered in Youngstown. National Goodwill founded by Dr. Edgar J. Helms.

Relocated to 306 E. Federal St.

Moved into a three-story building on E. Boardman St. that was donated by H.B. Wick. Services.

Rev. Ray Hagstrom joined Christ Mission. Total assets were $8,000. When Rev. Hagstrom retired 35 years later, assets had exceeded $1 million.

Rev. Hagstrom first met Dr. Helms, founder of Goodwill Industries and the Goodwill Rehabilitation Program for the Handicapped.

Inception of Christ Mission Goodwill Industries, operating financially independent of Christ Mission Settlement.

Dedicated new building at 330 E. Boardman St.

Wiping cloth manufacturing began.

William Swanston Christ Mission Farm started.

Henry “Pete” Johnson established Goodwill Industries Rehabilitation Center and ended all Settlement activities.

Dedication of Christ Mission Goodwill Industries Rehabilitation Center at 2747 Belmont Ave.

Edgewood Apartments built, which housed 147 units for the elderly.

Name changed from Christ Mission Goodwill Rehabilitation Center to Youngstown Area Goodwill Industries, Inc.

$1.5 million capital campaign results in the expansion of the Belmont Ave. facility to its current size of 86,000 square feet.

Goodwill Apartments built, housing 100 units for the elderly and physically disabled.

Goodwill began providing custodial services to the Ohio Department of Transportation through a State Use Contract.

Began providing laundry and custodial services to the 910th Air Wing in Vienna as a NISH contract under the Javits-Wagner- O’Dea Act (JWOD).

The Society for the Blind closes, and Goodwill assumes services to the blind and visually impaired.

Centennial year.

Custodial contracts expanded to include Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport and Mahoning County Department of Human Resources.

Began providing services to individuals with disadvantages through contracts with Mahoning and Trumbull County Job Departments.

Opened a retail store in Struthers, Ohio.

Opened a retail store in New Castle, Pennsylvania.

Custodial contract for Federal courthouse received.

Opened a retail store in Calcutta, Ohio. Goodwill Auto Outlet opened.

Remodeled and expanded the retail store and donation center in Hermitage, Pennsylvania.

Received 12th consecutive CARF accreditation.

Opened a retail store in Boardman, Ohio.

Received 13th consecutive CARF accreditation. Initiated a janitorial services contract for Akron Children’s Hospital Mahoning Valley.

GoodGuides program started. Opened a retail store in Austintown, Ohio.

Received 14th consecutive CARF accreditation.

Goodwill Apartments sold.

Received 15th consecutive CARF accreditation. Remodeled Liberty headquarters, plant, and store.

Laundry Services expanded. Southside Recycling began. Began Partnership with Vehicles for Charity

Opened a retail store in Hubbard, Ohio.

Received another consecutive CARF accreditation. Began offering lawn care services. Relocated Salem retail store.

Opened a retail store in Greenville, Pennsylvania.