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This week, on Our Goodwill Stories, Mike and Emily interview Rebecca Stabile, a volunteer with the Vision Screening Program at Goodwill. Rebecca shares her experiences as a volunteer for 17 years and what the program has meant to her all that time. Rebecca talks about her many other interests including cats, cycling, and traveling and tells the story of how she found a skunk-fur coat at a Goodwill in Columbus when she lived there. 

OUR GOODWILL STOR(I)ES: The CVS Retail Simulation Lab

This week, on Our Goodwill Stories, Mike and Emily discuss Goodwill’s CVS Retail Simulation Lab. They talk about the great relationship between Goodwill and CVS, and how this training space will create a prepared pipeline of Customer Service Representatives for the pharmaceutical retailer and the many opportunities for growth within the company. The training lab itself has many opportunities for growth, as Goodwill plans to include pharmacy technician, store manager, and other retail training.

Our Goodwill Stor(i)es: Meet Tom, Radio Reading Volunteer

Tom Gibbons, longtime Radio Reading Volunteer
This week, on Our Goodwill Stor(i)es, Mike and Emily interview Tom Gibbons, a longtime Radio Reading volunteer. Tom tells how he got started with Radio Reading over ten years ago and the other ways he has chosen to spend his retirement. He shares his passion for baseball and his almost-complete goal of visiting each stadium and his related t-shirt collection. Tom talks about his many travels and trips as well as the long-distance running.


This week, on Our Goodwill Stories, Mike and Emily interview their first guest! Amanda Paynter, Goodwill’s Operations Administration Intern, explains her role this summer and how a collaboration between the Raymond John Wean Foundation and Youngstown State University’s Center for Nonprofit Leadership helped get Goodwill this amazing worker. Amanda talks about her experience planning and implementing the first-ever Goodwill Employee Benefits Fair and her other projects and duties. Amanda also answers our now-traditional guest.

OUR GOODWILL STOR(I)ES: “The most exciting news that I will ever share in my lifetime.”

The Goodwill Digital Career Accelerator will shape the landscape of employment in the Mahoning and Shenango Valleys In the second episode of Our Goodwill Stor(i)es, Emily announces Goodwill’s brand-new initiative to support potential employees and employers in the Youngstown-area, the Goodwill Digital Career Accelerator. Listen as Mike and Emily talk about digital literacy assessments, soft skills training, IT opportunities and more – all of which will help people train for, get, and keep jobs.