Customer Highlight: Meet Rebecca Banks!

Customer Highlight: Meet Rebecca Banks!

Rebecca Banks is many things — a Youngstown-native, mom of two, Youngstown State University graduate and longtime Goodwill shopper.  She describes herself as a sentimental person and remembers shopping at the Goodwill stores with her sons when they were young. To this day, she loves finding knick knacks, books, CDs and items from the 70s and 80s that remind her of her family.

While in college from 2009 to 2015, Rebecca was involved in many organizations but said she found herself, like many college students, without a lot of disposable income. Between traveling to conferences and eyeing the new trends on campus, she relied on Goodwill for her fashion. “It’s very budget friendly. I could find presentable attire at a price I could afford.”

Now, career-minded, Rebecca has turned to Goodwill as she gets back into the workforce. In addition to interview-ready clothing, she appreciates Goodwill for its other offerings.

“The past couple years, I love what I see Goodwill is doing. The classes, the job fairs, being very welcoming and showing that it’s really a community effort. It’s a beautiful resource for the community.”

Rebecca looks forward to her weekly Goodwill shopping trips, which she calls a “little treat.” On top of enjoying the tag sales and Dollar Thursdays, Rebecca described the one aspect she likes most about shopping at Goodwill.

“I love that my purchases support training and resources that can help someone else. That means a lot to me.”

Rebecca is grateful to everyone who donates and proud to promote the organization to her friends.