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Meet our Workforce Development Team!

Meet our Workforce Development Team! Youngstown Area Goodwill Industries offers a variety of programs and services to help individuals in our community prepare for and find meaningful employment. To help fulfill our mission, we have a team of individuals who make up our Workforce Development Team. Meet the team below! If you are looking for a job or need assistance with the process, you can contact our Career Services Manager, Tadarrelle. He helps clients.

Four Tips from #PlasticFreeJuly on Becoming More Sustainable

Four Tips from #PlasticFreeJuly on Becoming More Sustainable As we enter August, we want to share some valuable sustainable alternatives we learned during #PlasticFreeJuly that can be used year-round. While these swaps in our daily activities might seem small, they can actually help our ocean and planet long-term. In the moment, we may throw away a soda can or plastic bag without thinking about the effects it can have on our environment, but the.

Customer Highlight: Meet Rebecca Banks!

Customer Highlight: Meet Rebecca Banks! Rebecca Banks is many things — a Youngstown-native, mom of two, Youngstown State University graduate and longtime Goodwill shopper.  She describes herself as a sentimental person and remembers shopping at the Goodwill stores with her sons when they were young. To this day, she loves finding knick knacks, books, CDs and items from the 70s and 80s that remind her of her family. While in college from 2009 to.

Youngstown Radio Reading Service celebrates 45 years

Youngstown Radio Reading Service celebrates 45 years YOUNGSTOWN, OH (May 28) – The Youngstown Radio Reading Service, a department of Youngstown Area Goodwill Industries, celebrates 45 years of broadcasting. YRRS, which began broadcasting on May 28, 1976, is a special non-profit radio station dedicated to providing independent access to information for people who are blind or print impaired. YRRS will commemorate the milestone with a series of anniversary programs, airing every Tuesday in June.

Networking 101

Networking 101 Networking is defined as the action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts. Networking is an important aspect to finding or expanding your career. Let’s breakdown the why, who, how and when of networking. Why? Networking doesn’t have to have an end goal like receiving a job offer; however, networking can open many doors in your career path. Some individuals network to expand their.