Job Placement


Individualized, person-centered services, helping you to choose, obtain, and maintain employment.


The Job Placement Program assists persons seeking employment in choosing and obtaining successful community employment in opportunities in line with their choices and preferences. Individuals who complete programs at Goodwill, as well as those directly referred who are job ready, can participate.


After being referred to the program, the job placement specialist conducts an initial interview and uses assessment and other information to learn about the person’s strengths and interests in order to target a good job match. A placement plan is developed with the individual. Work history, training, education, life experiences, benefits management, transportation, etc. are considered.


Weekly job club is held —as well as individual meetings—to provide information on contacting employers, the local labor market, benefits, employment policies and practices, and job matches. Direct referrals attend classes in job seeking skills that include employment application preparation, interview techniques and resume development. The instructor and job placement specialist work together to ensure an easy transition to the world of work.


Job coaching is available on a limited basis to assist with on-the-job performance skills, communications, interpersonal skills and other needed services.


Once job placement occurs, follow-up services provide support for integration into the employment setting. The level of support is individualized for up to one year. Follow-up documentation occurs at regular intervals.




Job Placement Services

Job-Seeking Skills Training – Classes cover topics such as interviewing techniques, job application, resume writing, work values, benefits, time cards, and labor market information.

Intake/Site Development – Assists the person seeking employment to target jobs and employers that are well-suited to their individual employment preferences and goals.

Job Placement – The placement specialist prepares the person for the job and conditions for maintaining employment. The service ensures that the new employee is appropriately oriented to the job and work culture.

Post-Employment Follow-up Services – Follow-up services are individualized support services to maintain employment provided by the placement department at a minimum of two weeks, one month, 90 days, six months, and one year. At the completion of 90 days of job retention, the placement is considered successful.

Job Coaching – Services are provided to individuals who need assistance on the job in the areas of productivity, interacting, work skills, work habits, managing change, learning new tasks, or accepting supervision.

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For further information, contact the Job Placement Department at 330.759.7921 ext. 1235