Goodwill Facts

Operating StatistiConniecs:

Youngstown Area Goodwill Industries conducts its operations from a main complex facility located on Belmont Avenue in Youngstown. Outlying facilities include eight stores, one at the Belmont location, and others in Austintown, Boardman, Calcutta, Hermitage, New Castle, Salem, and Warren.

Goodwill employs over 250 people in its service area of Columbiana, Mahoning and Trumbull counties in Ohio, and Lawrence and Mercer counties in Pennsylvania. Goodwill pays wages of over $3,000,000 and its employees pay over $800,000 in taxes to assist the local economy.

Youngstown Area Goodwill Industries serves nearly 500 individuals annually in vocational services. With additional services to individuals who are visually impaired, and Radio Reading listeners, total people served each year are over 5,000.

Youngstown Area Goodwill Industries conducts its operations under a budget with total revenues of over $6 million. Many of the items donated generate revenue through store and salvage sales. The funds from these sales, combined with those from contract and rehab services, enables Goodwill to be 96% self-supporting.

Target Populations: 

Offering a full range of vocationally oriented services, Youngstown Area Goodwill Industries provides opportunities for persons with disabilities as well as individuals with disadvantaging conditions (e.g. poverty, homeless, etc.). Specially designed programs serve individuals who are visually impaired, and other groups with special needs.


Building for the Future:

Youngstown Area Goodwill Industries employs a population which would otherwise be largely reliant on public assistance. Our goal is to help them to prepare for a lifetime of independence.








Additional Goodwill Facts

  • Vision exams and eye glasses were provided to 41 individuals.
  •  The Amblyopia Screening Program screened 2,129 preschool children.
  •  The number of children referred to an eye physician was 268.
  •  A total of 52 sheltered employees were employed at Goodwill.
  •  The average earnings for competitive placements were $8.89/hr.
  •  The average waiting time of finding employment was two days for those in the job placement program.
  •  Youngstown Radio Reading Service provided 1,246 radios  to visually impaired individuals throughout the community.
  •  Store sales exceeded $4 million.
  •  Goodwill paid over $3.1 million to its employees and clients.
  •  Combined, Goodwill and its employees paid over $765,000 in taxes to assist the local economy.
  •  Goodwill collected 3.7 million pounds of clothing and saw an increase of more than 18,500 donors at its eight area attended collection centers.
  •  At the year-end, Goodwill employed 268 people in the five county area of Mahoning, Trumbull, Columbiana, Lawrence and Mercer counties.
  •  There were 33 individuals placed in competitive jobs and 3 hired in sheltered employment at Goodwill.
  •  Provided 387 clothing vouchers to those in need served by local partnering agencies, totaling over $13,000 in clothing given away.
  •  Economically disadvantage, disabled and homeless were the primary descriptors of those receiving services.
  •  Vocational services to individuals increased by 54%, with the greatest increase in the Work Experience Program (WEP).*based on 2015 statistics