Gems Fundraiser

Standard Ticket

The Gems Jewelry Sale & Charity Auction in-person event has been canceled for 2020. Instead, an online auction will take place on our eBay store beginning Friday, Oct. 16. The community will be able bid on jewelry and auction items that would have been available at the fundraiser and support Goodwill’s mission and programs while doing so. Click the above photo for direct access to the eBay store, and follow us on social media for sneak peaks!

The eBay auction will run for a week, with an option to buy items outright. Participation is open to the public, but requires individuals to have or create a free eBay account.

We greatly appreciate your continued support, and would like to thank our amazing sponsors and donors for their help in making this a success!

For questions or more information, please call 330-779-8060.