Announcing: Our Goodwill Stor(i)es, the new Goodwill Podcast!

Emily and Mike

Your hosts of Our Goodwill Stor(i)es, Emily McHenry and Mike Muder.

Youngstown Area Goodwill and the Youngstown Radio Reading Service are proud to announce their new podcast series, Our Goodwill Stor(i)es! Each week, tune in right here in the News & Events page on Goodwill’s website to hear stories and interviews from inside Goodwill’s walls and throughout the Mahoning and Shenango Valleys. We will interview guests, including Goodwill leadership, retail employees, volunteers, and clients, with the hope of sharing Goodwill’s impact on the community. Unique and interesting Goodwill thrift store finds will connect the retail side of Goodwill to its mission of serving the community through workforce development and other services. This is also where you will hear hot-off-the press news updates from Goodwill and upcoming events that you will not want to miss!

Episode 1 introduces the hosts of Our Goodwill Stor(i)es, Emily McHenry, Community Engagement & Training Specialist for Goodwill, and Mike Muder, Radio Reading Service Coordinator. Emily and Mike discuss their personal and professional histories leading to their work with Goodwill. They also give a brief history lesson on Goodwill’s presence in the Youngstown area, which dates back to 1893.

Check this page for new episodes every week! Have a great Goodwill story? Call Emily at 330-759-7921 or email her at e.mchenry@goodwillyoungstown. org to schedule an interview.