Make Room for Your New Holiday Gifts, Donate to Goodwill

If you’re looking to get rid of those holiday gifts that didn’t fit quite right, aren’t really your style or you simply don’t need, try donating them to Goodwill. Goodwill will even take those gently used items that you are getting rid of to make room for those holiday gifts you are keeping.

The winter season is typically a slow period for donations to Goodwill. “People don’t venture out in the cold weather to drop off donations. As a result, Goodwill sees a drastic decline in donations over the winter months,” states Jim Freeze, executive director. It becomes a critical time for Goodwill and makes stocking the Goodwill retail stores to their full capacity difficult.

The items that the community donates to Goodwill stay local and are sold in the eight area Goodwill stores in Austintown, Boardman, Calcutta, Hermitage, Liberty, New Castle, Salem and Warren. The revenue generated by the sale of merchandise in the stores is used to fund Goodwill’s job training and employment programs for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment in the local community.

“When considering donating an item to Goodwill, ask yourself if it is something you would give to someone else,” advises Freeze. If it is, then it is probably in good enough condition where it can be sold in one of Goodwill’s stores.

Unfortunately, Goodwill gets some donations that are damaged or unsaleable. These items have to be trashed, resulting in a large trash bill for Goodwill. That is money which can be used for Goodwill’s programs.

It is important to realize the impact your donation can have on an agency and for those that the agency serves. “Taking the extra time to ensure your donation goes to the right cause can make a difference to people in your own community,” says Freeze.

Donors interested in claiming tax deductions should keep itemized lists of their donations. The Internal Revenue Service allows a deduction for donated items, but the donor determines each item’s value. Goodwill provides receipts to donors at its donation centers, although donation attendants are not able to put a monetary value on donation receipts. For general guidelines, visit or

Of course, in addition to material donations, Goodwill also accepts monetary donations to help support its programs. Financial donations can also serve as a tax write-off and can be made here.

To find out more information about donating to Goodwill, call 330.759.7921. Goodwill is also always looking to partner with community agencies, organizations, schools or businesses for donation drives. If you are interested in holding a donation drive for Goodwill, contact Goodwill’s marketing department.